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The MBA Sprint Advantage 


Our mission is to energize and develop extraordinarily successful and talented but very busy executive leadership teams around the globe to aim even higher.


The MBA Sprint and the MBA Sprint method-learning disrupt and challenge the orthodox business school approach to executive education and management development. It's for extremely good executive leadership teams who simply refuse to stop learning.


  • Highly intensive yet time-efficient world-class MBA-quality intelligence in days, not years – because we know you're busy. You will need to block five full days (for the regular MBA Sprint program) or three full days (for the Mini-MBA Sprint program) on your calendar. 

  • The Sprint MBA will be facilitated by an elite, award-winning faculty who've had success in both executive education classrooms and corporate boardrooms, and who can, therefore, translate academic rigor into real-world relevance and effective strategies. Our faculty are actively teaching, researching, publishing, consulting, and leading.

  • First-class learning conveniently delivered on-site – without paying for a plane ticket! We will bring a positive and powerfully immersive learning experience directly to you – at your company and your convenience – anywhere worldwide. 

  • No oversized management classes: The MBA Sprint course is selective, which ensures small class sizes (our approach is not like your typical MBA program with literally hundreds of students, and professors who have little time to devote). The MBA Sprint-Method Learning is based on "learn-by-doing", not just “learn-by-listening”. Therefore, to maximize learning, the ideal size for the MBA Sprint is 7-9 high-caliber professionals (however, class sizes can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization). The small-by-design class size means that that you’re not just a number, and it allows our faculty to offer a personalized, hands-on approach to your learning and development so that you can amplify your impact from Day 1!

  • Cutting-edge curriculum, creative format, and "hot topics" only (zero boring classes): Emphasis on BIG ideas and execution though organic radical innovation. For 5 consecutive days (the regular  MBA Sprint program) you will be engaged in the high-energy 5-unit Sprint: Day 01: "Strategizing to Win", Day 02: "Positively Leading People & Organizations", Day 03: "Strategic Talent Management & Development", Day 04: "Navigating Change, Managing Complexity & Executing Innovation", Day 05: "Behavioral Economics & Behaviorally-Informed Enterprise". If you decide on the Mini-MBA Sprint program (3-day program), you take three modules (Download an Info Sheet).

  • Demonstrate Mastery with Distinction: You will receive the MBA Sprint Certificate-Advanced Executive Certificate (if you complete a 5-day MBA Sprint program) or the Mini-MBA Certificate (if you decide on completing a 3-day MBA Sprint program) accredited and validated by ENERGIZERS, LLC –  a U.S. consulting firm specializing in Strategic Human Resource Development and Organization Development – ranked among the world's top 500 leadership companies. Our Professors are members of professional associations and institutes (e.g. the Association for Talent Development in the US, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the UK), and learned societies (e.g. the Academy of Management in the US, the British Academy of Management in the UK). They are also certified Executive Coaches, and certified Case Method Instructors and Case Writers. This Executive Certificate program may be approved for continuing professional development (CPD) hours of the CPD log of your employer.

  • Flexible delivery. Stronger ROI. Immediate results.



The MBA Sprint course is perfect for highly successful working professionals and leadership teams who want to:

  • Maximize ROI,

  • Energize their career,

  • Discover their best selves,

  • Learn beyond an "MBA refresher", plus build their resume, earning an exclusive Energizers, LLC Executive Education Certificate, 

  • Remake their organizations into game-changing enterprises.

If you always aim higher, we're your kind of partner.


Energized Leaders who simply refuse to stop learning...

Our sought-after professors have taught on Executive Education and Management Development programs throughout the world. The participants on our Executive Education courses work for market-leading enterprises. 

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