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Sprint 04: "Navigating Change, Managing Complexity & Executing Innovation"

Executing successful transformations is not simple: the failure rate of change efforts is alarmingly high—around 70%.


Change will not go away – 61% of enterprises go through 3 or more changes every year, while 26% experience 6 or more changes. Moreover, 45% plan on initiating still more change initiatives, and 48% find the pace of change is faster and more unpredictable... 


Adding to the problem is that many organizations lack expert skills to sustain change – only 17% rate their enterprises as highly effective at managing change, and only 30% of enterprises have professional change management teams.


By participating in Sprint 04, you will be prepared to:

  • Lead positive change in a methodological and creative way,

  • Embrace what can often feel like chaos, and manage complexity more effectively,

  • Execute innovation initiatives successfully – going beyond basic ideation.

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